Mohammed Gebeli Killed in Robbery

The Daily News reports that Mohammed Gebeli, the 65-year-old Egyptian immigrant found shot to death at his store on 5th Avenue and 77th Street on Friday, died in a robbery.

A friend, concerned to see the lights on in Gebeli's discount mens' store, Valentino Fashion, at 11:30 PM on Friday night, found his body.

That a shopkeeper -- a small-timer with probably $1,000 in his cash drawer -- could be shot dead in a robbery on 5th Avenue has to have sent a collective shiver through Bay Ridge, considered one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City.

That level of violent crime hasn't been seen in this neighborhood for more than a decade.

Gebeli was described by friends and family as a good father and a kind, generous man.

The article from the Daily News.

More from the New York Post.

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