Fatal Hit and Run at 72nd and 7th Avenue in Bay Ridge

At around 9 PM on Monday, May 21, 34-year-old Amjad Barakat was crossing 7th Avenue at the intersection of 72nd Street in Bay Ridge when he was struck and killed by a beige four-door sedan that sped away.

Barakat, who died of massive head trauma, was pronounced dead at the scene.

He was the father of two young daughters.

Walking by the scene tonight on my way home from work, I saw that the NYPD had put up LED signs near the intersection asking for witness information.

The number to call is 718-217-3523.

Seventh Avenue in Bay Ridge is a no-man's land at the edge of the cut where the Interstate runs through.  All the houses on the other side face the numbered cross streets.

There are two stoplights on 7th Avenue between Bay Ridge Avenue and 72nd Street, phased so that cars hit the second light as they accelerate after the first.

Predictably, a lot of cars run the second light.

During the 10 minutes or so I spent there, I saw several cars drift through the second light on the north corner of 72nd Street, as the white sedan is doing in the photo below left.

The crosswalk is not at the north corner of that intersection: it's at the south corner, on the other side of 72nd Street, as shown in the photo below right.

At that same corner is the exit from a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the highway.

I'm not sure that drivers coming up to that intersection, although they can see the red light on the north corner and maybe the crosswalk on the south corner, can see the pedestrian bridge or the walk box.

Based on video of the scene, I think that Amjad Barakat was crossing at the south side of that intersection, maybe coming off the pedestrian bridge, when he was struck.

Barakat was reportedly walking against the light, but if the driver who killed him had accelerated too fast out of the first light to stop at the second, then maybe not.

According to members of local Community Board 10, there was a fatal crash at this intersection in 2004.

In a city bristling with video cameras, wouldn't it make sense to mount a few at this location?

If the closely-spaced stoplights on 7th Avenue are an effort to slow traffic near the grade school on 6th Avenue, it hasn't worked. Speed bumps might.

News 12 coverage.

Coverage from NY 1.

More from CBS.

Marty Golden, in response to Barakat's death, has introduced a bill in the State Senate that would up the penalty for hit and run  -- if they find the driver. [Sheepshead Bites.]

Where was Golden's outrage when, last month, firefighter Pat Quagliariello struck a jail-free misdemeanor plea deal -- the original charge was negligent homicide -- in the 2010 hit-and-run death of Bensonhurst resident Manuel Tzajguachiac?

The implication was that the victim, reportedly drunk and jay walking, had it coming.

Quagliariello, returning home from a "Wounded Warrior" event in his BMW SUV, was texting at the wheel and speeding when he killed Tzajguachiac, a Guatemalan immigrant -- and just kept going.

His brother, an NYPD detective, brought him in a few hours later.

Quaqliariello didn't have much choice.  The cops had tracked his SUV to his parents' driveway.

The article from the Daily News.

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une jam said...

"Based on video of the scene, I think that Amjad Barakat was crossing at the south side of that intersection, maybe coming off the pedestrian bridge, when he was struck."

No, he wasn't coming off the pedestrian bridge,He was going to cross the bridge.I am 100% about it.

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