Apre Weiner, Le Deluge

According to blog True News, Anthony Weiner's obsession with his own junk didn't just end his political career, it may have ended the Democratic Party's hold on Southern Brooklyn.

Weiner's resignation exposed Southern Brooklyn's Democrat-in-name-only (DINO) demographic as loyal to candidates, not parties. That's how Conservative Republican Bob Turner could beat moderate Democrat David Weprin in a district with three registered Democrats to every Republican.

Southern Brooklyn DINOs abandoned the statesman-like Weprin, an Orthodox Jew, for the right-wing, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, hawkish-on-Israel Turner, a Roman Catholic.

Next up, in the race to fill the last eight months of corrupt Democrat Carl Kruger's State Senate term, came first-time Conservative Republican candidate David Storobin, at last count only 37 votes behind Democratic City Council Member Lew Fidler, the endorsement-bearer of the once-invincible Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club.

Only after Weiner was gone did Southern Brooklyn's changing demographic -- conservative Russian-Americans and Orthodox Jews replacing New Deal-Era Democrats -- cut loose and swing.

Eliminating Weiner's congressional seat and dividing the Brooklyn Jewish vote among three congressional districts and the Russian-American vote among four state senate districts, will only make it swing harder.

GOP Albany boss Dean Skelos knows, in the aftermath of the Turner and Storobin results, that Southern Brooklyn is wide open:  there's blood in the water.

Turner, the former TV producer who brought us Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Springer, has announced for Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand's U.S. Senate seat, targeting the progressive Gillibrand as "weak".

And Vito Lopez? Doesn't play well with others.

Source: True News.

New York Times:  Southern Brooklyn Democrats "feeble".

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