Naked Woman in Third Avenue Rampage

Before I begin, let me make clear that I do not have photos or video of the incident, which happened yesterday afternoon. I wasn't there.

I am relaying the story as I heard it from the cashier at Appletree, the health food store at 7911 Third Avenue.  He witnessed it.

He described the woman as older, in her 50s or 60s.  She came out of a bar on the 7900 block of 3rd Avenue, where she had used the bathroom to take off every stitch of clothing she had on. According to the bar owner, she hadn't been drinking, just came in off the street to use the bathroom. 

She hit the avenue, buck naked, at around 3 PM, and went on a rampage in the middle of the street, jumping on top of cars, tying up traffic and attracting dozens of spectators holding their cellphones out to capture the next viral video sensation on Youtube.

Only one man, out walking his dog, tried -- unsuccessfully -- to intervene in the situation.

From the street, the woman ran into a Chinese restaurant on the block and began trashing the place, throwing the pots and pans around, ripping stuff off the walls, opening the cash drawer and setting fire to the money.

The man with the dog apparently blocked the door of the restaurant to keep her in there until 911 responded.

About half an hour in, according to the cashier, the NYPD and the FDNY arrived together:  by then, the restaurant was on fire.

Cops cuffed the psychotic woman -- still naked -- and took her into custody.

When the man with the dog again tried to intervene -- the woman, was, after all, having a mental breakdown -- cops arrested him too.  And when the man's wife came to his defense, they collared her.

When I stopped by the bar at Tanoreen last night, I found out that the buzz about the naked woman had made it down 3rd Avenue at least as far as 75th Street.  One of the managers who was hanging out at the bar had heard the same story -- from another source.

Another version of the story from Brooklyn Daily.


Bkay pride said...

As far as I'm concerned the man with the dog is a hero. Not only was he trying to protect his fellow neighbors, he was looking out for the welfare of the people even if one of them was having a psychotic break from reality. Trying to protect someone from themselves and from the unforgiving hands of the officers who have not a care in the world for protecting people from themselves. Police are supposed to be trained to have compassion and understanding for people who've ill even though they seem out of control. There are definitely better ways to subdue and unarmed elderly nude woman than bouncing her head off a table.

Woogieman said...

That man with the dog was not a hero. He was not the one who put the fire out, it was the owner of the hardware store. The man with the dog was told many times to get the dog away, mainly because its untrained and vicious as I have on tape, the dog actually biting a woman who came to tend to the arrested couples child.

The man is nothing more than an instigator who with his wife started screaming at the top of their lungs, "Where were you? Selling guns?" Cops don't arrest people for no reason, even their wonderful little daughter started taunting cops with the selling guns quotes. I was a spectator and I have it all on film. This man is nothing more than an attention seeking scum of the earth.

Im told, he is also responsible for destruction of personal property as he saw fit to break windows on someones house.

The term "hero" is a big thing, lets not waste it on a scumbag. Ive seen the video on youtube and it happens to leave off the truth. He taunted cops and got what he deserved.

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