The 99% at Michael Grimm's Office

Activist organization MoveOn will host an action in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests at the Dyker Heights office of Congressional Representative Michael Grimm, at 7308 13th Ave. between 73rd and 74th Streets, on Friday, October 14 at 4 PM.  The office phone is (718) 630-5277.

Allow plenty of time for the trip:  the office is a bit out of the way for public transit users -- at least 5 blocks from the nearest subway and serviced only by the B64 bus.

Grimm, aware that his constituents are angered by his positions on fundamental issues like Social Security and Medicaid, studiously avoided scheduling town hall meetings during the last congressional recess -- to avoid negative press.

But with tens of thousands of people taking it the streets across the country, MoveOn thinks it's time Grimm heard from the folks in his district.

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