Complete Streets Bill Signed Into Law

The Complete Streets bill has been signed into law by Governor Cuomo as Chapter 398 of the Laws of 2011.

The Complete Streets Law requires transportation officials, when designing any state or federally-funded road or street, to facilitate access not just to cars, but to all users, including pedestrians, bikers and people who move slow because they are elderly or disabled.

In New York City, a pedestrian is killed by a car every 2 1/2 days.

The law contemplates the use of traffic-calming measures like sidewalks, paved shoulders, bike lanes, shared road signage, lane striping, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, ramps, and bus pullouts.

Senior advocacy organization AARP praised the new legislation as necessary. Seniors are cars' most frequent victims.

AARP's next project, now that Complete Streets is law, is full funding for the city DOT's Safe Streets for Seniors Program.

Coverage from Streetsblog. 

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