Golden: Gay? Go Away!

Bay Ridge realtor Scott Klein, a member of the Community Board and an LGBT activist, may be State Senator Marty Golden's constituent, but he can't get a meeting with Golden to talk about same-sex marriage.

A prominent local Democrat and an officer of the Bay Ridge Democrats and LAMBDA Independent Democrats, Klein stressed to Golden’s office that he and other local supporters of gay marriage wanted to meet with Golden as constituents.

But, while Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn lobby the state legislature to legalize gay marriage, Golden's office told Klein that a dialogue would be out of the question.  The senator's position on the issue is fixed, it said.

Gay marriage advocates had assumed that Golden, because he represents a Brooklyn district, would at least be willing to talk about same-sex marriage, but the senator remains staunchly against it.

Golden spokesperson John Quaglione said his boss, who had already talked to some gay people, won't change his mind.

The post from Politicker.

The Bay Ridge Interpol gives Marty Golden and his Conservative Party crony Mike Long a well-deserved smack up side the head over gay marriage.

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