Long Island's Other Serial Killers: Rifkin and Schulman

Like the Gilgo Beach serial killer, two serial killers that operated on Long Island back in the 1990s -- one an unemployed landscaper, the other a postal worker -- targeted sex workers.

Joel Rifkin, an unemployed East Meadow landscaper, admitted to murdering at least 17 sex workers between 1989 and 1993. Robert Shulman, a postal worker from Hicksville, murdered 5 sex workers between 1991 and 1996. So, for a period of several years, there were-- seemingly coincidentally -- two serial killers active on Long Island in the 90s.  Rifkin's and Shulman's combined body count was at least 22 -- all sex workers.

The two men, both described as "loners", had similar body disposal methods. Both dismembered their victims and scattered the remains. Schulman used plastic garbage bins to transport his victims' remains to his dumping sites.

Joel Rifkin, caught during a routine traffic stop with the decomposing body of strangled victim Tiffany Besciani in the back of his truck, was convicted on 9 counts of murder and sentenced to more than 200 years in prison.. He escaped being executed only because, after his conviction, the Court of Appeals nullified the death penalty in New York State.

After Rifkin reportedly got into a fistfight with Long Island Railroad spree killer Colin Ferguson over which of the two murderers  had the higher body count, Rifkin was transferred to maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility, where he now is.

Cops arrested Robert Shulman after local sex workers who knew him and had been to his apartment IDd the tattoo of one of his victims, who been beaten to death and dismembered.

Shulman died in prison in 2006.

Since the capture of Rifkin and Shulman, the dismembered remains of a number of other sex workers have been found on Long Island —notably in rural Manorville.  Two of the Manorville finds have now been linked to the finds this year along Ocean Parkway in the Long Island Serial Killer cold case investigation

The article from the Long Island Press.

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