Developer Buys, Will Demolish Salam Arabic Church

A friend emailed me today that the charming Salam Arabic Lutheran Church building, at 345 Ovington Avenue between 3rd and 4th Avenues in Bay Ridge, is scheduled for demolition, to be replaced by a 5-story, 25-unit residential development.

Digging around a bit, I learned that the sale had been reported by the New York Post back in early December last year, but, although the pastor and local preservationist Victoria Hofmo weighed in with reporter Helen Klein, the news otherwise slipped by, unnoticed by the community, until the plan application appeared on the DOB BIS database.

The developer paid $1.5 million for the church.

Salam, originally known as Salem Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, after a church in Copenhagen, Denmark, was designed by Danish architect Carl Jensen.  It was renamed after being acquired by an Arabic congregation in 1995.

The Arabic congregation, which says it can't afford to maintain the building, is sharing space at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church at 80th Street and Fourth Avenue.

The link to the developer's plan application on the DOB BIS database.

Kevin Walsh, of Forgotten New York, provides some architectural details about the church building. 

More from the Brooklyn Paper. (The developer said he didn't think anybody would miss the church.) 

More from Brooklyn Paper.  ("Racist vandals" tag the doomed church.)

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Anne said...

So very sad. Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park used to be lined with churches, many of them Lutheran.

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