Costco Sells Unsustainable Seafood

Costco is the biggest wholesale club operator in North America, and at almost every Costco warehouse, you’ll find freezers and coolers full of unsustainable ocean fish. (Sustainability refers both to the quantity of fish taken, and to the time, place and manner of harvest.)

According to environmental activist organization Greenpeace, Costco continues to sell 15 of the 22 types of fish on the Greenpeace Red List of unsustainable seafood.

Greenpeace has mounted an advocacy campaign to spotlight Costco's unsustainable seafood policies, urging Costco to adopt sustainability standards, label its seafood truthfully, and stop selling Red-Listed fish, starting with Orange Roughy and Chilean Sea Bass (a/k/a Patagonian Toothfish).

As the result of a similar Greenpeace campaign, Trader Joe's has stopped selling Red-Listed seafood.

Costco, in response to the campaign by Greenpeace and other advocacy organizations, has taken a major step away from selling Red-Listed seafood.

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